Our project coordinator, Sven Maerivoet was invited to participate in the first day of the Micromobility week event which was held between the 7th and 8th of July, it was sponsored by the H2020 Molière project and organized by nuMIDAS parter Factual. Sven was a speaker at the Micromobility and Data Management session, along with representatives of Voi Technologies, Iomob, Factual and CARNET.

Through his presentation, Sven stressed the need to shift from technical perspective of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to one where the needs the users were taken into account, as well as the importance of integrating vulnerable collective groups, such as rural populations, the elderly and people with disabilities and in the mobility system through digital inclusion.

nuMIDAS objectives were presented, highlighting how traffic management solutions and toolkits are going to be tested in our pilot cities to find commonalities and be scaled up across Europe. In addition, Sven discussed how new business models are currently emerging from shared micromobility and how nuMIDAS aims to keep identifying and analysing these ideas in order to integrate them in the development a toolkit for mobility managers, planners and policymakers.