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nuMIDAS workshop: Designing an urban mobility policy-making toolkit

Registrations are open! Join us in our upcoming nuMIDAS online workshop on 16th December at 10:00 CET. During the workshop we will share our latest progress and discuss how nuMIDAS can support your region or city to collect, monitor, assess, and analyse mobility data to address current policy changes, with special emphasis on airquality and micromobility. We look forward to welcome policy-makers and researchers from accross Europe!  Register here:

November 22, 2021|Event|

NuMIDAS workshop

Join us on Friday, May 28th for the first interactive nuMIDAS workshop “Mobility in Smart Cities: Understanding new challenges” taking place in the framework of the Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2021 where we will be discussing the role of stakeholders in mobility and how existing and emerging digital tools can respond to today's challenges.

February 2, 2021|Workshop|
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