On Thursday May 19th, our project coordinator Sven Maerivoet was invited to the Open Government Week in Catalonia and participated in the event “Approaches on Mobility Data: Solutions in the Context of MOLIÈRE and other EU Projects”, organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya and our project partner Molière. Representatives from ATM, Carnet, Iomob, i2CAT, and UITP participated in the event and discussed different approaches to data openness, data exchange, data security, mobility data marketplaces, MaaS and blockchain technology.
Throughout the nuMIDAS presentation, our coordinator stressed the importance of keeping up with the advent of new mobility data and the necessity of integrating this data to provide guidance for mobility managers, planners and policy makers. He also presented the different pilot cities and the quantitative and service-oriented approach of nuMIDAS and gave insights into the different use-cases, in particular “Pre-planning of shared mobility services” and “Planning for parking”. As a wrap-up, Sven highlighted nuMIDAS’ intention to identify commonalities in the pilot projects and to scale them up across Europe.